Indonesia Organic Coffee Cultivation Certifacate Free of Chemical Residues

Indonesia Organic Coffee Cultivation Certifacate Free of Chemical Residues

Organic Coffee Cultivation

Coffee-plant-Arabica indonesia organic enema coffee

Coffee as one of agricultural commodities, has a fairly steady market in the world market, because of the various parts of the world a lot of people who like to drink coffee, because coffee can be processed into a drink that delicious. Body weak and drowsiness may be lost, after drinking hot coffee.

Moreover, people who have become addicted to coffee, do not drink coffee when it will be accomplished and feels berkurang. Di concentration in thinking Besides the coffee plant is one commodity that developed in West Java.

Arabica coffee plants this center has economic value that is considerably higher than the Robusta. From this need for businesses choosing the type of coffee that have economic value and relatively good taste and resistant to leaf rust disease.

The attempt to seize market opportunities include the development of coffee Arabica coffee plants through organic cultivation.

Basically for farming and cultivation of Arabica coffee through organic farming activities required some of the following:

Plant Material:
Seed takes 8-12 months old with a plant height of 20-40 cm.

Spacing used 2 m x 2 m.
the planting hole
Created 1 month before planting with a size of 40x40x40 cm. Dugouts are located in the bottom left and top in bkanan hole. The hole left open for 3 weeks. before planting, soil excavation that has been mixed with manure to cook as much as 5 kg / hole, put it back in the hole. urugan do not compacted soil. Planting is done during the rainy season.

Weeding can be done together with tilling the soil, For mature plants do 2x a year.
Shade trees are planted 1-2 years before penaman coffee, using the Mindi and avocado trees.

Dose of organic fertilizer for each tree that is 5 kg per planting hole. Fertilizer is given twice a year, at the start and end of the rainy season each half dose.
How to fertilization by making a hole around the tree as deep as ± 15 cm, with a distance of tree canopy project (± 1 m)

Arabica coffee began to bear fruit at the age of 2 years. Pick ripe fruit well with dark red color in order to produce quality coffee. At the time of harvest (picking) to be careful so that no part of trees / branches / twigs) are damaged.

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