Differences Coffee Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast | Organic Coffee

Differences Coffee Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast | Organic Coffee

Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast

Grades of coffee roasting light roast

An interesting fact about coffee before serving is their assortment of roasting produces a different color. Here are the various kinds of baking / roasting coffee from the darkest to brightest:

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1. Spanish Very dark brown color approaching black and very shiny, coal shades dominate, flat. Roasting that you would get if you let the baking process without supervision.

2. “Italian” or Dark French dark brown color and very shiny, burnt shades become more apparent, acidity is almost non-existent. Although there is mention comes from Italy, but they are not.

3. French Dark brown oily color produced from roasting is brown gleaming with oil, is also popular for espresso, burnt shades are less visible, acidity has been reduced. Body less experienced intensification compared to full roasting city.

4.Light French, or the “Espresso” or Vienna or Full City + The color is rather dark chocolate with drops of oil on the surface, more felt bitter-sweet, creamy caramel flavor, acidity disappear altogether. A moment before the second crack. Roasting of this type characterizes the northern Italian espresso.

5. Full City color is a medium brown with little drops of oil (almost nothing). Roasting is good if you want to try a little variation in the character of coffee with a bitter-sweet. The first crack has been completed. A moment before the second crack.

6. City, Medium or medium brown color. Roasting type is used in most of the regions in the western United States. Just like a city full roasting, grilling is great if you want variation of flavor to the beans. The first crack has started, but not finished.

7. American or Light Medium light brown Roasting regulation of this type become traditional in the northern United States. Given this roasting, the coffee development is restricted so as not to reach full potential.

8. New England Moderate light brown Roasting can be done at low cost and commonly used in the United States central section. Sour taste noticeably stronger.

9. Cinnamon colored bright brown and dry, tart nuances are felt.

10. Cinnamon Colored Light brown very sunny, dry, and have a sour taste that is keenly felt.


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